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We know how much allergies, asthma and immune disease can affect your life and be a major source of stress. You have been on medications for longer than you would like. You wake up every day at the mercy of your symptoms. You are no longer able to do things you need or love to do. We want you to live your best life so rely on Allergy & Asthma Center of Orlando to help you take back control. Dr. Shreya Patel is dedicated to helping you breathe better and live better!


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At Allergy & Asthma Center of Orlando, we believe people have enough problems to deal with and allergy & sinus issues shouldnt be one of them. We want to help you say goodbye to allergy & sinus conditions and hello to the life you thought you had lost forever.

We’re so passionate about getting you back to the life you want to live so we offer the latest testing and treatment options. Because we are a small office, we can offer more personalized care with a Doctor and staff that will know you by name. Dr. Patel will sit down with you and listen to your story. She will discuss your options and explain everything in detail while also answering all your questions.

It’s time to stop feeling bound by your allergy & sinus issues and instead be free to live the life you want to live and do the things you love to do.

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